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Life Rehashed ##

How does one sum up your life? One way to do is to draw. Imagine your life to be the stream I was talking about in my previous post. That said, would it be possible to draw the landscape of your life, valleys for those failure; mountain terrains for those days of toil & hard work; stones & pebbles for those rocky times; flowers & birds for chirpy days; stream moving maybe into a river or ocean should you see fit. Let your imagination run wild. Believe me when I tell you, this one exercise is the doorway into spiritual and psychological worlds that once you understand, can help elevate you to higher domains.

But before you draw out your water body, take 10 minutes to think about the 5-7 incidents or people that most influenced your life, positive or negative. Make sure to showcase those 5-7 elements in the picture, using your choice of landscape to portray them.

Now that we have the drawing complete, close your eyes and walk through the journey in your mind. Think about how each of these incidents made you feel. Focus on the emotion at that point, the impact post that incident and how it makes you feel now. Culmination of these will give you hints of the kind of person you’ve blossomed into. Your strengths as a person and your weaknesses. Your ability to move ahead and dwell in the past. Your ability to seek help where needed and accept it when it comes knocking at your door. Evolution of your spiritual depth and how, if at all, you seek that strength. Most important where you are now and what if anything, you are doing about it. And where you’d like to go.

Once you’ve given it thought, give your drawing a title- your life’s tag line if you will. This will also act as a check point to help you understand the gap, if any, between how your brain and heart interpret your life. The gap between what you instinctively think and what your insight tells you. This will add another dimension to you doing a deep dive into who you think you are and who you really are.

I’m hoping this exercise can help you rehash yourself as a person and empower you with insight into the next chapter of your life.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback.

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