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Another day in life of a girl

Childhood is supposed to be fun and easy, Happy days and food that’s greasy. Not a care, nor a fret, Where everyone seems cheerful & best.

But I know a child whose nothing like that, For whom hardwork and sacrifice are a common rant. No time to play , no time for fun, All she cares is to get her job done.

She lives in a bubble, with her gymnastics, Fitness and movements is what makes her tick. Pushing herself to be better & fitter, To do well in a world that’s like a gritter.

She’s had her share of falls & misses, Some internal but many inflicted. It seems like our adult balance is off, We cheer the winners, while others are written off.

What about the journey and spirit of the game? Is winning all that matters, making the rest sadly lame? What about friends, is all that fake? It lasts while you’re good, and then everyone takes a break.

Each journey is unique as her’s will be, To be her own, she will learn to be. To stay true to herself will be her fight, In a world where everyone wants to be right.

To hold on to the sportsmanship spirit and still be just. Will take her forward without any rust. I pray that her spirits stay zealous & blessed, Taking her forward, with coach and rest.

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