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The purpose of the website is to provide services to aid personal growth and development.

Services include workshops, training modules, 1:1 sessions, curated group training and speaker booking. Individual and group booking can be made using the book online feature. For any queries email or Whats App +91 7780243556. You will receive a confirmation email for your appointment. Final appointment time will be relayed to you by a customer support person within 36 hours. We are currently using multiple calendars so final appointment time may be different than that requested. That said, every effort will be made to accommodate your convenience.


Booking is confirmed post payment. 


We understand you are busy. That said, 1:1 appointment can be rescheduled or cancelled with 36 hours prior notice. In case, of cancellation, refund can be claimed. 

If appointment is a no show and appointment status is confirmed, refund cannot be claimed.
Membership plans cannot be transferred or cancelled. 

Workshops or event ticket bought can be cancelled & refund claimed with 36 hours prior notice. 

To claim refund, please reach us on our what's app number or send us an email 36 hours prior to your booking. Once the request is accepted, you will receive a ticket ID. This will be used to monitor your refund process, which should take about 7 working days. Money will be returned to the same resource that was used for your transaction. 

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