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3hr Workshop-Enhance your Communication

Why people respond that way?Do you want to be heard?#youmatter#invest

  • 3,000 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

What are you worth today? How much do people value you? Do you understand people? What about people, do they understand you? Are you someone people will invest in? How can we change that perception in people? What about you, are you willing to invest in yourself? If yes, read on. I can't wait to meet you! If not, just quit the window. This workshop is for people who seek change and want to take control of the communication in their life. To gain confidence, develop sustained awareness (of self, relationships, success, context), sign up today. If you are someone who struggles to control how you communicate, don't always get the reaction you want, mince words or created garbled text sometimes, this is for you! If you want to be powerful when you talk, gain and command respect in a conversation and desire to influence people even without authority, this workshop is definitely for you! If you want to understand your relationships better, become a better leader, employee, parent, spouse, child or sibling, then communication is that foundation you want mastered. Do you want to be able to influence people even without authority? To gain confidence, develop sustained awareness (self, relationships, success, context) sign up today. What else do I get in the 3 hours? 1. Discover who you are, why you prefer what you do, what communication style really works for you. 2. Find out how people view you when you speak. 3. Get inside data on what people think of you based on how they communicate. 4. Learn the core tenets of communication, explicit and implicit. 5. Discover more than one techniques to establish connect with others, to close that pivotal deal, successfully negotiate or win that discussion. 6. Learn how to pick up on unspoken language and to use that to your advantage. 7. At the end of this workshop, you will find purpose, passion, strategies and techniques that will help you be the communicator you want to be. 8. Workshop is online. Reminder and link will be sent prior to the event. Ready to get started? Book now to invest in yourself and experience the rewards first hand.

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