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Corporate Leadership Training Consult

Adapt your organization's core values, culture, and unique concepts

  • 1 hour
  • Price as per service
  • Online

Service Description

ROBUST & CUSTOM SOLUTION We take the time to hear you, understand you, and come up with a robust & customized plan to get you where you want. AVAILABLE SKUS/ OPTIONS/ WORKSHOPS/ TRAINING MODULES & BENEFITS A. Personalized Coaching & Mentoring 1. Build Self-awareness and clarity in thought. 2. Develop deep understanding. 3. Learn to communicate succinctly, accept and give feedback. 4. Align thought, emotions and actions. 5. Stay motivated. And so much more.. B. Experiential learning & skill-building Learn how to use the skills you already have, to get where you want to be. C. Performance-based coaching Result-oriented strategies and techniques D. Team Development & Conflict Management Focused, new and refreshing strategies on team building and conflict management E. Leadership Development Convert your managers to robust & confident leaders F. NLP for Leaders Deep dive into communication, negotiation, understanding, goal setting and more. G. And so much more. Thought provoking workshops for tangible and sustained results tailored to your need. Get in touch to find results that might surprise you.

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