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How do you know you are being used in a relationship? Answer these 5 questions.

5 quick signs to recognize you are being used in a relationship. 5 questions , 5 answers!

When love is in the air and Valentine’s day round the corner, it’s important to self evaluate if your relationship is what you want it to be.

Here are some of the signs to watch out for that herald you are being used..

1. You are contacted whenever there is a need (irrespective of your convenience).

Q: Are your skills, time, effort, money or resources being utilized towards your partner’s benefit, joy, entertainment or growth?

2. The relationship is about them and them alone. Their happiness, their needs, their convenience, their emotions and so on.

Q: Do you exist in any conversation? If yes, for how long?

3. Your partner seems aggressive and coercive to influence you to do what they want. They use compliments or taunts to get what they want. Or They use emotions, or victim attitude to play the sympathy card to get you to do what they want.

Q: Do you end up doing what your partner wants even though you don’t always agree?

4. They very rarely do anything nice for you.

Q: When was the last time your partner did anything for you?

5. Every time you bring up a conversation about being devalued, you are guilted into feeling bad for bringing it up. Sob stories, threats or victim card is brought out, where the onus of the relationship staying healthy is on you.

Q: Do you always have to understand your partner when you disagree to be able to move forward? When was the last time your partner actually understood your sentiment & acted on it without making you feel guilty or that it was a huge obligation?

By Harleen Bagga Multi-Disciplinary Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach. Founder @ Soul Therapy With Harleen Bagga

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