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ADVENT- the beginning!

Its been a while since I blogged, the last I did was many years ago and then time took flight- job, kids, life; you know the drill :-)! Life as I see it, is a never ending stream, with ever changing landscape and creatures to meet.

A little bit about me- worked in the corporate world, set up a thriving business, blessed life with friends and family. But what really keeps me going is the incessant need to contribute and spread peace and happiness. That need led me to peek into many lives, scarred souls, battered lives, confused minds and split hearts. Its been a pleasure working through each of those journeys and I in the process have learnt so much.

The love and gratitude and the feeling of having made a difference is all the remuneration one needs. This one emotion justifies my presence on Earth. I truly believe, we each were sent here for a purpose and each meeting in life is an addition to that purpose being fulfilled, to making us who we are meant to be.

The spiritual side of me makes me immensely grateful and gives me the strength to be that voice of difference where solicited and where needed.

I have 2 kids, 9 and 14 yr old. Being a mom only endorsed my beliefs and was the biggest gift I could get. They revitalize me, keep me going and make me want to become a better person.

This blog is essentially Life’s Chronicles, generic enough to invoke thought and hopefully help. But personal enough for me to write about it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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