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Democracy is defined as the control of a group by majority of its members. It looks great on paper, definitely for a nation, but when we take those principles and apply it to our personal life, it can wreak havoc.

When we adapt values that pleases others, or live our life as per rules governed by another, neither the person making the rules nor the person following them is doing justice.

Your childhood & environment around you undoubtedly influences your self worth and vision. That means if your life is reduced to one following instructions, or to please people around you, you are left with no voice & minimized to low or no self esteem. Not to mention, you giving the control of your life to someone, is also creating in them a false sense of power that is creating hollow self esteem. It is making them dependent on having control, to feel good about themselves. Does not matter which side of control you are in, there is no benefit.

While your soul maybe fighting for freedom, your mind is following the rules of democratic living as per your environment.

Ability to influence is a strong tact, one that is precious and coveted. True democracy is allowing someone to influence you, should you choose to, free of manipulation and intent. For that to happen, invest in yourself.

  1. The more you know about yourself, the more you will be able to filter the noise from music.

  2. The more you know yourself, the more opportunity you will give another person to be able to influence you beneficially.

  3. The more you know yourself, you will understand how much to disclose of yourself without prejudice.

  4. The more you know yourself, the more democratic our society can become in the best possible way.

Its easy to blame the system, people around us and embrace a victim attitude. People who are willing to take a deep dive into themselves first are those than pave the path for destiny!

Harleen Bagga Life Coach, Multi-disciplinary Psychotherapist

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