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Journey to Infinity and Beyond

Today’s blog is a collection of words inspired by my daughters struggles over the last year, as she battled with one sports injury after another and yet her love and passion of gymnastics remained strong.

Its amazing how sometimes life’s lessons are in the smallest of things. How can a 9 year old have so much courage to endure, persevere and still find the compassion to help others in need? Watching her walk this path all of last year and a half has been heart rendering and painful though coupled with immense pride and marvel. Her grit and hard work hopefully finds its destination and she gets from her journey what we wait from a lifetime to get.

These words though inspired from her, holds true to each of our struggles, our battles to reach where we aspire to go, against hope, competition and those we hold dear sometimes. But if the path is right and the calling true, as temporary as it may be, I believe we will come out of it better & evolved and as compassionate individuals capable of making a difference!

A long winding road, With ups and downs. And highs and lows, With never ending load! I’ve given it my tears of commitment, And resounding silences of compromise. But yet in it all there is hope, And prayers of a better & brighter sunrise! Hard work in spirit, Courage in soul, But push back in abundance, Left the year with a hole! Even with a mind so perturbed, Had to march with faltering hope. Moving onward with all my might, To the finish line in my sight! I see the white line, He is my friend. But I don’t know why, This year he’s being a fiend! I see my friends, Strong and calm, Working strong, While I am down. I’m happy to see them learn & grow, But I miss my time, As I’m stuck in a row. Row of emotions & much pain, Filled with discouragement and disdain. As physically I am unable to do! This storm of emotions inside of me, Pulling me down & disturbing me. I love the game, people & sport, The graceful movements is what I dote. To be the best is all I want, If only this wish He would grant! This has been my journey, not very fond, In my quest for infinity and beyond. It’s not been easy, this much I can say To fight the bad and good with stay! Sometimes it feels like an eternity, And that I’m running out of all possibility. And then I recall my sweat that’s gone, And I’m back on my path to Infinity & Beyond!

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