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Have you heard ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’? We love to be called ‘Role Models’,to be looked up, to be admired.

But what about the other side? Sometimes we forget the line between role model and imitation. We get so lost in being someone else, that we lose our own identity. We get minimized to a parody.

The idea of a role model is to derive inspiration, to push yourself to be better. But sometimes that line blurs and we end up wanting to be like them!

When you compare in the context of minimizing yourself- you can never come out better. Think about it, when you are looking up, where are you- down! That works on bringing your self esteem down, making you feel inadequate in a way.

Admiring someone to learn from them a specific behavior, a talent, holds you equal to them. You consider yourself capable enough to learn what they have. And that exactly is what a ‘Role Model’ should be.

Next time you catch yourself looking “up” at another, STOP!

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